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It is the mission of KPCR to serve in “the public interest, convenience, and necessity”, the traditional bedrock principles of broadcasting since the inception of the art.


Radio hosts on KPCR are artists, musicians, performers, makers, writers, storytellers and DJ’s. We invite you to not just listen but become part of KPCR’s sound.


KPCR encourages the use of mixed media arts to build tolerance, coexistence and participatory collaboration with people of all backgrounds.


Personal development requires positive discourse. KPCR supports the process of articulating knowledge and sharing experiences.

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KPCR-LP 92.9FM is a non-commercial radio station, owned and operated by CCMEF, offering a unique mix of art, music, and news via broadcast community radio to the Los Gatos, and the greater south bay area.

Our programming is a progressive blend of talk and music that amplifies the sounds and reflects the values of alternative culture. KPCR 92.9FM started broadcasting from Downtown Santa Cruz on August 31st, 2020, and moved to Los Gatos, California (the home of Pirate Cat Radio) in December 2023. We stream online via TuneIn, Spotify and

We don’t rely on an algorithm to program merely what you already like — we know your smartphone can do that. We bring together a community of curators who can introduce you to stuff worth loving. Including great stuff produced right in your hometown.

Our programming features local thinkers, comedians, journalists, and commentators. That funny comic who split your side at the club. That local business leader. The community organizer you heard at the rally. The elected leader you wonder about.

We look at matters from multiple angles, we seek truth and a better community…and fun. We want to give everyone a fair shake; we are also a values-driven organization. We don’t think climate change is only half real, we’re not only half in favor of marriage equality, and we don’t think inequities or wealth disparities are only half a problem.

Radio is yours. We are honored to bring you some.

Underwriting Guidelines

As a non-commercial broadcaster, KPCR 92.9fm must abide by FCC policies regarding paid sponsorships. In essence, we cannot air commercials, but we can broadcast “underwriter” messages— on-air “thank you” announcements. When you support KPCR 92.9fm with your donation, you help keep the station on the air and help us train the next generation of broadcasters.

What we can say in your message:

  1. Slogans that “identify and do not promote”
  2. The location of the underwriter
  3. “Value neutral” descriptions of products and services
  4. Brands and product services and trade names
  5. Phone numbers and websites

What we can’t say in your message:

  1. Prices
  2. Qualitative claims such as “best” or “most”
  3. Direct calls to action such as:
    • “Stop by and see us today!”
    • “Call us now!”

Your Underwriter Message will be approximately 20 to 30 seconds long.

Underwriting Packages

The Pirate Cat $1800

  1. Minimum 3 messages a day, every day for a full year
  2. Messages will run between 7 am and 10 pm
  3. Additional bonus spots may run overnight

Take a Quarter $600

  1. Minimum 3 messages a day, for a 3 months
    (approximately 90 days)
  2. Messages will run between 7 am and 10 pm
  3. Additional bonus spots may run overnight

Have a Month $300

  1. Minimum 3 messages a day, for a full month
  2. Messages will run between 7 am and 10 pm
  3. Additional bonus spots may run overnight

Per Week $100

  1. Minimum 3 messages a day, for a full week
  2. Messages will run between 7 am and 10 pm
  3. Additional bonus spots may run overnight

Show Sponsorship $100

  1. Minimum 1 messages a week, during a specific show.
  2. Minimum term for Show Sponsorship is a month.
  3. Messages will run at the start, middle or end of a show.
  4. Message.

Message Single Spot Rate 10 @ $6.00 / $60

  1. Ten message minimum purchase
  2. Messages will air “Run of Station”

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