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Ralph Nader Radio Hour

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Event Series Event Series: Ralph Nader Radio Hour
Hosted by Ralph Nader
Fridays 10 am

Ralph Nader Radio Hour


Ralph Nader is a well-known political figure who has been active in American politics for many years. In recent months, he has become increasingly vocal about the state of the country and the world. On his popular radio show, Ralph Nader Radio Hour, he regularly discusses current affairs and often offers his unique perspective on current events.

During a recent episode of his show, Ralph Nader talked about what he sees as the biggest problems facing America and the world today. He spoke about the growing inequality between rich and poor, the devastating effects of climate change, and the increasing influence of corporate government interests. He also warned about the dangers of nuclear war and urged listeners to take action to protect themselves and their families from these threats.

Ralph Nader is an important voice in American politics today. His radio show allows him to share his ideas and opinions with a broad audience. His willingness to talk about difficult topics makes him a valuable source of information and insight into what is happening in America and around the world today.


✨Hosted by Ralph Nader
🕠 Friday 10 AM
📡 KPCR 92.9FM & KPCR.com

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