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In Defense of Ska

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Recurring Event Event Series: In Defense of Ska
Hosted by Daniel Roberts

⚡️In Defense of Ska⚡️

Ska is a rich and diverse genre of music that has been shamefully overlooked for far too long. Thanks to the efforts of hosts Aaron Carnes and Adam Davis, ska fans finally have a platform to defend their beloved music. On In Defense of Ska, KPCR 101.9FM, these two passionate ska enthusiasts set out to prove that ska is just as valid and worthy of respect as any other genre.

With thoughtful analysis and plenty of humor, Carnes and Davis take on the naysayers who claim that ska is nothing more than juvenile noise. They make a strong case for why ska deserves to be taken seriously, highlighting its complex rhythms, social commentary, and wide range of influences. By shining a light on all the great things about ska, they hope to change the way people think about this often-maligned music.

So if you’ve ever been embarrassed by your love of ska, or if you’ve ever wondered why this genre doesn’t get the same respect as others, tune in to In Defense of Ska. It’s time to give ska the credit it deserves

✨Hosted by Aaron Carnes and Adam Davis
🕠 Friday 5 PM
📡 KPCR 101.9FM & KPCR.com📡

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