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“I want you to know…”

Recurring Event Event Series: “I want you to know…”
Hosted by Nero Nava
Tuesdays 5 pm

⚡️“I want you to know…”⚡️

Nero Nava is a filmmaker, writer, musician, and professional creative who hosts “I want you to know…” on KPCR 101.9FM. Nero interviews various guests, from artists and archivists to taste-makers and activists. These interviews are sandwiched between songs selected by the guest and Nero himself. As Nero says, “Choices, tastes, and preferences are what differentiates us, and define us…and ultimately knowing us.” By getting to know his guests through their music and stories, Nero invites listeners to get to know themselves better.

✨Hosted by Nero Nava
🕠 Tuesdays at 5 PM – 7 PM
📡 KPCR 101.9FM & KPCR.com📡

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